How to optimize your proposal management process

By Sam Ursu

How to optimize your proposal management process

Whether you’re an international NGO or a private sector enterprise working in the field of international development, an effective proposal management strategy is the cornerstone of your long-term success. Proposal management is an umbrella term that refers to the overall process of transforming opportunities into successful ventures. In today’s fast-paced and modern world, the ability to effectively monitor and manage proposals is often the one thing that determines whether you will win a lucrative contract or lose it to a rival.

However, there are a number of challenges inherent in proposal management, including maintaining effective control over documents, productive collaboration amongst team members, and keeping track of bids. As such, businesses and organizations can struggle with the complex task of needing to both tailor proposals and staying on top of strict deadlines.

Thankfully, when it comes to proposal management, there is an app custom-built to serve the needs of charities, NGOs, and businesses working in the aid sector. The Tenderwell app was designed from the ground up to give organizations working in the field of international development a one-stop-shop to identify opportunities for proposals, manage them across all teams and stakeholders, securely store and archive related documents, conduct research, and keep a real-time eye on the progress of every single proposal.

Why does an efficient proposal management system matter?

Unfortunately, many organizations involved in international development are often unaware of the negative impact that poor proposal management can have on their revenue, as well as their relationships with clients and donors. The first casualty is that many opportunities are lost, leading to decreased growth potential. But beyond that, organizations can ruin their reputation by submitting inconsistent, late, or poorly organized bids, losing trust and confidence from their peers.

It not only allows organizations to quickly and deftly respond to opportunities but also dramatically reduces the chance of errors and inconsistencies, thus helping to foster a more professional reputation.

It is precisely for these reasons that the folks at DevelopmentAid, the world’s leading provider of international development information and data, designed the Tenderwell proposal management app. Running securely on a cloud, Tenderwell allows every team member, using their own preferred device, to collaborate and manage every aspect of the proposal lifecycle, from identifying promising opportunities all the way to customizing proposals and tracking deadlines.

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The benefits of using Tenderwell

It may be hard to believe, but there are still many organizations working in the field of sustainable development that still rely on a hodgepodge of spreadsheets, messaging apps, Word documents, and even paper records to “manage” their proposal process. In all the chaos, documents can be misplaced, deadlines can slip by unnoticed, and valuable opportunities can be lost. It can be even worse – sometimes the process is tied to a single person who controls and “remembers”everything. If that person is out – things can become really nasty.

Tenderwell, on the other hand, is a streamlined, intuitive app that takes only minutes to learn how to use. It also keeps your organization’s institutional memory. Whether your organization has hundreds of team members, or you’re a smaller outfit, the Tenderwell app makes the entire proposal management process smooth and painless, with everything instantly available at the click of a button. Whether you want to assign a task to a team member, conduct research, or track your interactions (and expenses) with expert consultants, Tenderwell has everything instantly available at your fingertips.

Unlike some apps that are bloated and overloaded with features, Tenderwell was designed from the ground up to do one thing and do it really well: making the management of your proposal process simple, easy, and extremely efficient.

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The solution for your proposal management needs

With a simple and easy-to-use interface, the Tenderwell app uses industry-leading encryption to keep absolutely everything you need to manage your proposals in one single place. With no need to worry about downloads or pesky updates, the app allows for one-click integration with DevelopmentAid’s powerful platform, making it a cinch to search for tenders and grants, conduct research on donor agencies, properly format proposals, assign tasks to team members, and keep all documents securely stored in one location.

The Tenderwell app packs a lot of power under the hood, with advanced search and filtration features, one-click assignment of privileges or tasks for different team members, and state-of-the-art encryption technology that will ensure that everything remains proprietary and secure while also adhering to international rules and regulations about document preservation and privacy.

In short, Tenderwell is a one-stop-shop for the proposal management process for organizations working in the field of international development.

Try Tenderwell today

If you are an NGO, business, or charitable organization working in the field of international development, consider adopting Tenderwell as your proposal management app today. Within minutes, you can get started on using the app and learn just how profitable and productive your organization can be.

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