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DevelopmentAid launches innovative pricing strategy toolkit for improved bid management

By Sam Ursu

DevelopmentAid launches innovative pricing strategy toolkit for improved bid management

At DevelopmentAid, we have worked very hard to give our members a full suite of tools to identify, research, bid on, and then implement projects from donor agencies. Indeed, we built the advanced Tenderwell app just for companies and organizations working in the field of sustainable development to acquire and manage projects throughout their entire lifecycle. But one key element remained elusive: how to develop an effective financial strategy when submitting a bid for a tender or grant.

Today, we are proud to announce that we have built a brand-new tool for organizations working in international development called Pricing Strategy. While we’ve always offered detailed research information about companies and organizations, including their contact information and past awards, the new Pricing Strategy tab on our developmentaid.org platform reveals invaluable information about the bids they have made and the tenders they have won. This new tab gives members a detailed breakdown of the available data about the company’s previous winning bids, allowing you to compare information such as the amount bid compared to the ceiling budget of the original tender or grant together with graphs and charts showing the individual and average discount margins over time.

Utilizing the Pricing Strategy tab will reveal information about the winning bid compared to the maximum project budget published (usually this information is available for awarded contracts but not shortlisted proposals).

Members will therefore see data about the projects awarded to the winning company over the last five years. Our system will automatically generate a chart that shows aspects such as the average discount (compared to the budget ceiling) and the total bid amount for individual projects. This information can then be used by organizations to generate a more effective pricing strategy when it comes to submitting a financial offer for part or all of a grant or proposal.

Pricing Strategy

Source: DevelopmentAid

The new Pricing Strategy toolkit is absolutely free to DevelopmentAid members. Simply click on the name of a company from our platform database and select the Pricing Strategy tab. You can further refine the information about the company’s past winning bids by sorting the data by location, time period, and donor agency.

Sergiu Casu, DevelopmentAid’s Director of Corporate Sales Department, highlights the importance of utilizing the toolkit:

“Creating a comprehensive tender application is both challenging and costly. Access to detailed competitor information simplifies the decision-making process for bidding companies, ensuring that their offers are well formulated and competitive”.

Over the last 15 years, DevelopmentAid has worked very hard to provide its members with all the data and information needed to submit a winning technical proposal when bidding on grants or tenders in international development. To add clarity about how members should calculate their pricing for a bid, we have developed our new Pricing Strategy toolkit which will make it much easier for organizations to understand and evaluate the financial aspect of the bids submitted by and awarded to competitors in order to craft a more effective pricing strategy when bidding on tenders and grants from donor agencies.

At DevelopmentAid, we remain committed to helping companies and organizations working in the field of sustainable development to have the tools and information needed to successfully identify, win, and implement projects from donor agencies. Our hope is that our new Pricing Strategy tab will provide our members with yet another tool to successfully implement the development projects that help make the world a better place for all of us.

Become a member today by reaching out to our representative and choosing the plan that suits your organization.