Enhancing and Refining the DAC Criteria through Evaluation Framework | Webinar

Enhancing and Refining the DAC Criteria through Evaluation Framework | Webinar

The evaluation criteria of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) have been widely used in the development cooperation sector, being largely seen as a reference evaluation framework.

Built upon the logical framework, the six criteria in the DAC evaluation framework are sufficiently flexible to be adapted for any project or public policy. However, the DAC criteria remain general and do not deal with various aspects such as participation, gender issues, etc. If an evaluation uses the DAC criteria alone, it may miss an important approach by which to assess the success and difficulties of the project.

In need of more precise tools, the health and education sectors have developed numerous evaluation criteria for specific topics. Water and sanitation, agriculture, livelihoods, gender inequality, human rights, and other sectors have also developed specific evaluation criteria, albeit fewer than those used by the health or education sectors. Some of the newly developed evaluation criteria are believed to be more precise than the DAC criteria and can be adapted for all manner of projects.

The multitude of evaluation frameworks allows evaluators to mobilize several specific criteria (DAC or other) that can be tailored to the needs of their mission. This not only improves the transparency of the evaluation process but also facilitates analysis and data collection work.

Invitation to a Webinar

DevelopmentAid, in collaboration with Bertrand Arribe, invites you to attend the webinar on “Enhancing and Refining the DAC Criteria through Evaluation Framework” which will take place on 08 February 2024 at 3 pm (Brussels)/9 am (Washington DC).

Key takeaways

  • Understand how to mobilize several evaluation framework criteria
  • Keep abreast of other evaluation framework criteria other than DAC
  • Learn how to combine evaluation framework criteria
  • Improve your understanding of how to improve the DAC evaluation framework criteria


Bertrand ArribeBertrand Arribe Director of the consultancy agency, Cooperation Concept, is an expert in non-Marchand project methodology. He has supported many projects undertaken by local actors such as small voluntary civil society organizations as well as national policies and international programs on numerous topics such as livelihoods and inequalities, health, water and sanitation, economic development, environmental protection, youth and education, human rights, etc. Bertrand uses this methodology to facilitate the work of different actors and levels of business expertise on a project. He has also undertaken various evaluations and teaches evaluation and project methodology at several universities.


Elizaveta GładunElizaveta Gładun, External Relations & Events Coordinator at DevelopmentAid

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