Climate-smart Public Financial Management Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Conference

ByWorld Bank

Climate-smart Public Financial Management Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Conference

đź“… 26-29 February 2024
Cairo, Egypt

The regional Climate-Smart Public Financial Management (PFM) Conference will be an in-person event aimed at bringing together the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries.

Leading international experts and World Bank staff working on climate-smart and green public financial management will facilitate the discussions and experience sharing. Sessions will focus on the practical implementation of countries’ climate and green objectives in the budget process and other important components of the public financial management system.

The main objectives of the regional conference are:

  1. Help finance specialists from Ministries of Finance in MENA countries to solidify an understanding of climate risks and green growth opportunities across government and the broader public sector, integrate climate and green objectives in government core processes and decision-making, and mainstream climate and green objectives in public financial management.
  2. Facilitate the exchange of professional experience and knowledge transfer among PFM practitioners across MENA countries.
  3. Discuss the Ministries of Finance’s priorities, plans for moving forward, and relevant international experience related to climate action and green growth.
  4. Strengthen government stakeholders’ capacity to design and implement PFM reforms using the GovEnable participatory and iterative framework, aiming for concrete development results.
  5. Support the country-level efforts and facilitate collaboration across countries in MENA on mitigation and adaptation to climate change and application of international and regional best practices in integrating climate change objectives in public financial management through joint activities aiming to address the common issues.