Being better at agrifood governance | Associate Writer

ByTimothy Hudson

Being better at agrifood governance | Associate Writer

Findings from a global review of agrifood system governance by FAO will show everyone where we could be pointed for the future.

One of the most important components of the agrifood evaluation technique at the institutional level involves getting evaluation findings to the people who can use the new knowledge with the most effect fastest. Communication and visibility campaigns targeted through intranet and internet channels are needed.

Evaluation takes many forms in the agrifood sector, including large-scale periodic peer reviews and strategic dialogues about future needs for the sector. FAO has launched such a dialogue covering everyone on Earth which is attracting international responses to the question:How can FAO better support countries in addressing governance of agrifood systems transformation to make them more sustainable, inclusive and resilient?”

Organised by the Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum), FAO’s open review seeks expertise and examples of “governance-related measures and interventions with transformative impact for agrifood systems.” March 18 is when the consultation period closes and findings start to be prepared.

Evaluation science is an integral component in the FAO visioning exercise which is particularly interested in “concrete means and evidence of how the impact of these measures has been measured” among other agrifood transition topics.

To take part you can register with FAO and download the submission template in: