5 ways Tenderwell improves project workflows

By Sam Ursu

5 ways Tenderwell improves project workflows

If you haven’t tried it already, Tenderwell is a unique cloud-based project management app made for organizations working in the field of international development. Designed for one-click integration with DevelopmentAid’s powerful platform and suite of research tools, Tenderwell gives even the smallest organizations a competitive advantage when it comes to bidding on, winning, and implementing aid projects.

Tenderwell also transforms the workflows of companies, which are the backbone of successful business operations and the linchpin for productivity and overall organizational awareness.

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In this article, we will show you exactly five Tenderwell applications, which will transform your organization’s workflows, offering a digital framework that centralizes all aspects of task management, organizes collaboration between team members and communication with consultants while offering real-time insights into every step of your project’s progress.

Why is this important for your organization? Because streamlined and efficient workflows play a pivotal role in ensuring that all tasks are completed seamlessly and that all milestones are achieved in a timely manner.

1️⃣ Streamlined task management

Ask anyone who has ever successfully implemented a project in the development sector, and they’ll tell you that the hands-on work on the ground is only half the battle. The hardest part is often managing, organizing, and staying abreast of all the moving parts to ensure that the project is implemented in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Thankfully, Tenderwell was designed from the ground up to make project task management as streamlined and as easy as possible. Organizational leadership can, with just a glance, see all aspects of a project’s implementation, starting with the research and efforts needed to formulate a winning bid right down to managing post-implementation assessments and evaluations. As a cloud-based app with easy access from anywhere and with any kind of device, Tenderwell gives organization leadership a clear overview of all assigned tasks, ensuring that nothing ever slips through the cracks or gets lost in a jumble of disconnected documents and apps.

2️⃣ Enhanced collaboration and communication

Traditionally, companies rely on a hodgepodge of Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and chat logs to keep track of who is assigned to do what and when those tasks are due. The aid sector is no exception. Thankfully, apps such as Tenderwell keep everything in one place with a powerful search function to find exactly what you’re looking for.

One key aspect of development project implementation is working with consultants and specialists who come from outside the implementing organization, and Tenderwell allows you to keep track of all of those communications, grouped together for instant access. The app also works to improve collaboration amongst team members with a dedicated tab for delegated tasks so that everyone knows exactly who has been assigned what and when it is due. And since everything is stored on an encrypted, cloud-based app, the data is always instantly accessible and never out of date.

3️⃣ Time and resource optimization

In engineering circles, there is an old adage that every project is doable, provided that you have enough time and resources. But in today’s highly competitive world, every minute counts, and international donors have high standards when it comes to ensuring value for money.

The makers of Tenderwell fully appreciate that organizations are operating under strict deadlines and budgets, which is why the app is designed to optimize your time and resources. Budgets and expenditures are all grouped together in one tab, so you’ll never lose track of what you’re spending or which aspects of the project are threatening to push you over budget. Tenderwell also gives organizational leadership to see, at a glance, exactly which assignments have been given to team members so that everyone knows exactly what they are supposed to be doing.

Project team is the most valuable resource when it comes to aid programs. This is why Tenderwell was designed to help managers deploy their teams in the most efficient and productive manner. Over time, the improved productivity and budgetary savings earned by using a project management app such as Tenderwell can give an organization a tremendous competitive advantage over competitors.

4️⃣ Data-driven decision making

These days, project implementation requires not only a staff of experienced professionals, as there are simply too many variables and considerations for any one project leader to manage on their own. Luckily, apps such as Tenderwell give project managers the ability to get real-time overviews of every step of implementation, allowing them to use the data to drive business decisions.

Tenderwell comes with a powerful suite of analytical tools so that organizational leadership can take advantage of data-driven decisions during every step of a project’s implementation. Whether it’s an instant overview of current and future budgetary outlays or real-time access on project milestone markets, Tenderwell allows organizations to use numbers, graphs, and charts to guide their decision-making process.

5️⃣ Scalability and adaptability

Many organizations working in the field of international development project implementation are quite small, where it may still be possible for one person to juggle all the various components on their own with little need for disciplined organization and help from apps such as Tenderwell. However, every business success leads to growth, and sooner or later, organizations need to prepare for scaling up and increased adaptability.

Whether your current team consists of two or 200 talented professionals, Tenderwell makes it a cinch to scale up your operations. Furthermore, Tenderwell’s powerful search and storage functions ensure that you can always access the success of past projects and apply lessons learned toward future and ongoing projects.

If these pros are just not enough to convince you to try Tenderwell, you may want to have a chat with the team behind the app. Remember, Tenderwell is the optimized project management app for organizations working in the field of sustainable development to streamline and transform their workflows, whether it is highly efficient task management, enhanced communication and collaboration between team members and outside consultants, improved time and resource optimization, leveraging data for decisions, or investing in a scalable tool to ensure that your business remains nimble and adaptable as it grows.

If your organization works in the field of international development, give Tenderwell a try today to see how it can transform all of your business workflows for the better.