Introducing the most powerful salary trends tool you’ve ever seen

By Sam Ursu

Introducing the most powerful salary trends tool you’ve ever seen

Since it was established in 2007, has been at the forefront of delivering powerful research, analytical data, information, and the ability to search for applications for professionals working in the international development sector. As part of its never-ending quest to assist professionals in their careers, DevelopmentAid has just launched a new business intelligence tool called Salary Trends.

Just as the name suggests, Salary Trends allows in-depth insights into compensation packages across the entire spectrum of development careers to be gained. The Salary Trends module transforms real-time access to published information about salary benchmarks into user-friendly visuals, allowing professionals to research compensation trends in their industry, information that can be a true game-changer when charting career paths.

Similar to other research tools currently available in the payroll assessment segment, DevelopmentAid’s Salary Trends offers the ability to analyze salaries and benefits across position titles, industry sectors, regions/countries, and other relevant criteria. But unlike those other instruments, DevelopmentAid’s Salary Trends tool strictly focuses on the sustainable development industry and its unique prerequisites and funding structures.

Best of all, DevelopmentAid’s Salary Trends tool is completely free for all Professional, Professional Plus, and All-in-One members. Simply navigate to the Jobs tab on the DevelopmentAid website and select the brand-new Salary Trends tool. From there, filter the results according to your research preferences (including languages, organization type, work experience, and much more), and instantly gain access not only to real-time information about published compensation packages but charts that show the salary trends for those positions over time.

Salary Trends Tool

What more could you ask for? Whether you’re just getting started on your career in the development sector or are a seasoned professional considering a new position, DevelopmentAid’s Salary Trends tool has everything you need. Utilize it to gain a competitive edge during your next salary negotiation or use the tool to filter potential job opportunities.

DevelopmentAid is the world’s leading platform for career professionals in the development sector, and the brand-new Salary Trends tool will be one more asset in your arsenal to help you to land the job of your dreams. Why not try it today!

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