Blue Economy Forum 2024: “Ocean Prosperity: Catalyzing Blue Economy in Bangladesh”

By Asian Development Bank

Blue Economy Forum 2024: “Ocean Prosperity: Catalyzing Blue Economy in Bangladesh”

📅 8 June 2024
Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Planning Commission, the Government of Bangladesh are partnering to advance understanding and examine opportunities to support the development of the blue economy in Bangladesh.

This event will unite global experts, policymakers, the private sector, and various financing models to explore the diverse facets of the Blue Economy. It will explore the latest research, share success stories, and discuss practical solutions to embed the Blue Economy in planning and policy frameworks.

This gathering also aims to highlight the interface of terrestrial and ocean ecosystem services with broader socio-economic goals, including poverty reduction, energy transition, adaptation and mitigation to climate change, and overall sustainable development.

The event will enhance understanding of the Blue Economy to scale up blue projects, and suitable financing, and showcasing regional best practices and experiences that can be replicated in Bangladesh. A Blue accelerator session will empower the private sector, including local startups and small and medium enterprises within the blue sector, by enhancing their business and impact measurement capabilities.

The event aims to:

  • Enhance the participants’ understanding of blue ecosystem services and their critical role in environmental and economic sustainability;
  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge on the best practices, innovative policies, and successful projects concerning the valuation of the blue natural capital;
  • Strengthen collaboration among government agencies, the private sector, development partners, NGOs, and other stakeholders in promoting the blue economy opportunities for sustainable development;
  • Integrate the assessment of blue ecosystem services into wider socio-economic development goals, including poverty reduction, urban planning, and adaptation to climate change;
  • Promote South-South cooperation to mainstream the recognition of the Blue Economy and ecosystem services in policy reform and institutional capacity building; and
  • Enhance participants’ comprehension of the blue ecosystem services and their pivotal role in fostering environmental and economic sustainability.