Unlock Rewards with the DevelopmentAid Expert Referral Program!

Unlock Rewards with the DevelopmentAid Expert Referral Program!

Are you a DevelopmentAid expert member and part of the community? We’ve got an exciting opportunity for you to earn remarkable rewards while also helping your friends and colleagues to boost their careers!

How It Works:

1. Refer a fellow expert or colleague to join DevelopmentAid as a member by sharing with them a referral invitation with your unique discount code.
2. Your referral will save 10% off their first-year membership fee.
3. You will enjoy a month’s free membership which will be added to your account when your referral becomes a member.

Benefits of Joining our Referral Program:

  • Expand Your Network: Connect your talented peers to our platform and strengthen the expert community.
  • Elevate Your Expertise: Share your industry insights and knowledge with like-minded professionals.
  • Earn Rewards: Your referral’s success will give you not only a month’s FREE membership for each referral but also an additional 10% off our CV Tailoring service.

Referral Criteria:

  • Your referral must be a first-time DevelopmentAid membership purchaser.
  • They must subscribe to any paid membership plan for individual consultants.

Spread the Word, Claim Your Reward:

Empower your network by sharing your unique referral code through email, social media, or personal outreach. As your referrals thrive, so will your membership benefits!

Ready to Join Our Expert Referral Program?

Contact your dedicated Career Advisor (don’t forget to share your referral’s full name and email address) or send us a message at careercenter@developmentaid.org to claim your personal referral code.

Join us in shaping the future of expertise at DevelopmentAid. Your network grows, your influence expands, and your rewards skyrocket. Let’s move forward together!