Saudi Arabia’s aid to the world reaches nearly $33 billion in 10 years

Saudi Arabia’s aid to the world reaches nearly $33 billion in 10 years

Saudi Arabia has donated nearly USD $33billion in global aid in the past 10 years, according to data provided by the Electronic Platform for Saudi International Aid, which was inaugurated by King Salman bin Abdulaziz at the opening of the Kingdom’s first International Humanitarian Forum in Riyadh on Monday.

Saudi Arabia has long been a regional leader in humanitarian affairs and has demonstrated a profound commitment to supporting those most in need around the world. In line with its humanitarian spirit and as a means of effectively distributing aid, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSRelief) was founded in 2015.

The Electronic Platform for Saudi International Aid, launched by KSrelief at the start of the February 26-27 humanitarian forum, will provide a high-tech national platform to record and document Saudi Arabia’s contributions to the world, according to the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The Kingdom provides impartial humanitarian, development and philanthropic aid to various countries around the world, and has been one of the top ten global donor countries in providing both in-kind and financial aid as humanitarian grants and soft loans to encourage development in developing counties.

It also has contributed significantly to NGOs, as well. The Kingdom has made 489 financial contributions totaling $929 million to UN organizations, international entities, and humanitarian regional funds. These contributions were divided among three sectors: the budget and public programs of development funds, entities and organizations; humanitarian assistance and emergency relief for UN organizations and international entities; and religious and social works for international and regional organizations.

From 2007 to February 2017, Saudi Arabia disbursed $32.65 billion to 999 projects in 78 countries. These projects were implemented by 150 partners including international and local organisations, as well as the governments of recipient countries, SPA reported on Tuesday.

Aid projects were implemented across the five continents, with Asian countries receiving $21 billion or 66.33 percent of the total aid appropriated. African countries received $9.76 billion or 30.76 percent of the total aid, Europe $379.0 million or 1.19 percent, North America $376.3 million or 1.19 percent and Central Asia $170.3 million or 0.54 percent.

The top recipient of aid from Saudi Arabia was Yemen, with a total of $13.37 billion for 285 projects. Yemen was followed by Syria, with a total of $2.35 billion/ 95 projects; Egypt, with $1.84 billion/20 projects; Niger, with $1.32 billion/7 projects; Mauritania, with $1.33 billion/14 projects; Afghanistan, with $567.1 million/29 projects’ China, with $549.9 million/10 projects’ Pakistan, with $521.9 million/108 projects; Jordan, with $516.9 million/11 projects. Rounding out the top 10 was Tunisia, with a total of $514.2 million/9 projects. The rest of the amount was distributed among 68 countries around the world.

Original source: Government of Saudi Arabia
Published 27 February 2018