UNFCCC Momentum for Change Climate Action Award to IBD-NDF supported program

UNFCCC Momentum for Change Climate Action Award to IBD-NDF supported program

The Proadapta project “Proadapta Sertão” was one of 15 ground-breaking projects announced as winners of the prestigious UN Climate Action Award.

Also known as the MAIS Program (Modulo Agroclimático Inteligente e Sustentável), Proadapta Sertão is helping farmers to adapt to climate change and ensure food security in the Jacuípe Basin, Brazil’s semi-arid region. The northeastern region of Brazil is considered one of the most socially, economically, and environmentally vulnerable regions in Brazil and is characterized by recurring droughts and floods. These cycles have intensified due to climate change and has brought about a decrease in agricultural production and an increase in deforestation.

The program has been tested among 650 farmers and has helped farmers implement best practices in animal nutrition, farm management, food and water security, and restoration of degraded pastureland soil to help them prepare for times of intense drought and ensure food security in the region.

The program has resulted in an increase of dairy production for the farmers by 63% and their income more than doubled. Moreover, the program resulted in a 30% improvement in pastureland, a 50% decrease in the water footprint of the area’s farms and a 30% reduction in production oscillations. Over 3 tonnes of CO2 is estimated to be offset for each hectare of restored pastureland.

The program is one of the first ever climate-smart agricultural programs to mainstream climate disruptive technologies among farmers in Brazil.

Original source: NDF
Published on 4 October 2018