EU aid in Sudan: €18 million to help people displaced by conflict

26 November 2018

EU aid in Sudan: €18 million to help people displaced by conflict

As millions of people continue to be in need of humanitarian assistance in Sudan, the European Commission has announced an additional €18 million in emergency aid. This brings total EU humanitarian funding in Sudan for 2018 to €41 million.

“The EU is committed to help people in need in Sudan. Our new funding will get emergency aid to those displaced by conflict and deliver nutrition treatment for malnourished children. We will also support humanitarian air services so that aid can reach people in areas which are difficult to access. ” said Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides.

The complex humanitarian crisis in Sudan is driven by conflict, forced displacement, food insecurity and undernutrition. Millions of people are internally displaced while Sudan also hosts more than 900 000 refugees. Most of the refugees are South Sudanese who have fled conflict and famine.

In close collaboration with its humanitarian partners, the EU assists thousands of forcibly displaced people and refugees while also supporting the fight against malnutrition and addressing the impact of natural disasters such as floods and droughts.

All EU humanitarian aid in Sudan is closely monitored and provided only through non-governmental organisations (NGOs), UN agencies, and international organisations. On top of addressing the most pressing humanitarian needs, the EU has strengthened coordination with development programmes in Sudan to respond more effectively to protracted crises linked to forced displacement and undernutrition.

Original source: European Commission
Published on 23 November 2018