Human rights must be maintained in beating back the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘without exception’ – UN experts

Human rights must be maintained in beating back the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘without exception’ – UN experts

Dozens of independent UN human rights experts stressed that in addition to public health and emergency measures, battling the COVID-19 pandemic must respect the fundamental human rights of every individual.

“Everyone, without exception, has the right to life-saving interventions and this responsibility lies with the government”, said the group of 42 experts – representing nearly every independent rights specialist working within the Human Rights Council-mandated system – maintaining that the scarcity of resources or insurance schemes should never justify discrimination against certain groups of patients. “Everybody has the right to health”, they declared.

They cited people with disabilities, older persons, minority communities, the internally displaced and those living in extreme poverty, as well as people in detention, the homeless, refugees and other groups needing government support.

While advances in biomedical sciences are vital for the right to health, the experts underscored that “all human rights” were equally as important and that non-discrimination, participation, empowerment and accountability must be applied “to all health-related policies”.

The UN experts supported measures recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to defeat the pandemic and on States to act with determination to provide the needed resources to all sectors of public health systems – from prevention and detection to treatment and recovery.

But addressing this crisis is more than that.

“States must take additional social protection measures so that their support reaches those who are at most risk of being disproportionately affected by the crisis”, they spelled out, including women, “who are already at a disadvantaged socio-economic position, bear an even heavier care burden, and live with a heightened risk of gender-based violence”.

According to the experts, throughout this crisis, the business sector, in particular, has a responsibility to protect human rights. Only with concerted multilateral efforts, solidarity and mutual trust, will we defeat the pandemic while becoming more resilient, mature and united.

Original source: UN News
Published on 26 March 2020