UNICEF supplies arrive in Italy to support COVID-19 response

UNICEF supplies arrive in Italy to support COVID-19 response

The first shipment of supplies arrived in Italy – including surgical masks, surgical and test gloves, protective suits and goggles, masks, gowns and thermometers – co-ordinated by UNICEF Italy to support health workers on the frontline of Italy’s fight against COVID-19, UNICEF Italy said.

UNICEF Italy President Francesco Samengo and Director-General Paolo Rozera welcomed the truck carrying 37 pallets of supplies that arrived in Rome.

The supplies have been delivered to the Civil Protection, which will make them available to health centers in the areas where there is a greater need.

“For this first concrete operation in support of the Italian Government, we want to thank the Special Commissioner for the Coronavirus Emergency Domenico Arcuri and the Civil Protection for their support. In the coming days we will announce further initiatives,” said Samengo.

UNICEF is working in countries around the world, including in Italy, to help children and families affected by the pandemic.

Since the start of the outbreak, UNICEF has shipped more than 4.27 million gloves, 573,300 surgical masks, 98,931 N95 respirators, 156,557 gowns and 12,750 goggles in support of countries as they respond to the pandemic.

UNICEF has launched an appeal for US$651.6 million to support its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Original source: UNICEF
Published on 30 March 2020