Islamic Relief steps up global response to coronavirus pandemic

08 April 2020

Islamic Relief steps up global response to coronavirus pandemic

Islamic Relief (IR), which last week pledged $10 million to fighting the coronavirus pandemic, has stepped up its support for vulnerable communities across the globe.

Working on the ground in the country’s northwest, where a COVID-19 outbreak could have catastrophic consequences, IR will equip 82 health facilities with:

  • items to reduce the spread of coronavirus, including face masks, disinfectant, medical gowns and gloves;
  • drugs and equipment such as ventilators and nebulisers;
  • equipment to detect fever, including thermometers and body temperature detection cameras.

“Our emergency intervention includes training staff in 20 Syrian healthcare facilities to limit the spread of the deadly virus and giving them information materials to hand out to the general public. Islamic Relief will also give hospitals and communities vital hygiene items such as soap and disinfectant.”

In Afghanistan, IR is coordinating with the government to buy and distribute much needed medical items to hospitals in Herat, on the border with Iran.

The health infrastructure in Niger, one of the planet’s poorest countries, is also receiving badly needed supplies such as gloves and masks. The team in the West African country is extending its support to the communities by offering telephone advice and information on good hygiene and social distancing wherever possible.

In Yemen, the organization has given 600 people in quarantine centres ready to eat meals and hygiene kits and begun a public awareness programme that will reach 340,000 families.

Islamic Relief is determined to do all it can to assist the fight against COVID-19, aiming to respond in every country in which it has a field office or long-term partner office.

Original source: Islamic Relief
Published on 07 April 2020