How to shortlist the best consortia partners for tenders in half the time

By Sergiu Ipatii

How to shortlist the best consortia partners for tenders in half the time

Once the decision to Go for a tender is made by a company; partnership creation is the first important step to be undertaken. However, when companies search for consortia partners, they may find this difficult in terms of limited time and resources. The Tenderwell App, powered by DevelopmentAid, is the perfect tool that allows companies to reduce by half the amount of time needed to shortlist the best partners for bidding.

There are multiple reasons for establishing partnerships

Advantages of international partnerships

All these elements would suggest that one company alone is hardly likely to meet all the criteria and thus win the bid.

The process of identifying the most appropriate partner is similar to the process of putting together a complicated puzzle. It might take days, sometimes even weeks. Most organizations try to form joint ventures using previous partnership agreements. Although in some cases this approach works well, the idea of a perfect “partnership” is that it has to be specifically formed for a particular tender. In other words, you have to fit the partner to a tender, rather than look to use your previous success stories in the hope of winning the bid.

The “puzzle” will only appear to be complete if all the consortia members contribute past project experience that will tackle at least one of the aspects of the tender.

When a company plans to bid in a geographic area where neither it nor its partners have any experience or when one of the activities to be undertaken is completely outside the company’s portfolio, forming a joint-venture could take weeks and even months. Often, organizations cannot afford to spend that amount of time to identify partners in view of the strict deadlines involved.

The Tenderwell App allows companies to meet those deadlines by optimizing the entire process.

The application is powered by DevelopmentAid with support from international donors, through the project “Tenderwell: Collaboration Tools”, currently implemented by DevelopmentAid with the support of the Tekwill Project within the ”Private Sector Engagement Initiatives”, financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Sweden.

The Tenderwell App merges the unique internal sources of information owned by the company with the massive amount of data about international tenders that has been amassed, by DevelopmentAid since 2007 (such as companies’ portfolios of projects, shortlisted companies, sanctioned organizations, and much more). This allows the bidder to keep its own “suite” of records and, at the same time, combine this with external knowledge resulting in a secure and user-friendly interface for the entire team involved in preparing the project.

Access to Tenderwell App is granted only to employees of the client-organization and allows the transfer of information from DevelopmentAid in just one click which is then enriched with unique details obtained from the client’s internal sources.

After systematic use of the Tenderwell App, the user can gain a bigger picture reading past partnerships through a successful history record. Having instantaneous data and the contact details of key project managers on either the client’s side or the partner’s side means that the sharing of information becomes more efficient and the team is more productive.

With the Tenderwell App, the time needed to identify a shortlist of the most appropriate consortia partners is reduced by half.

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