Virtual | CAF – CNC Frorum: Digital Infrastructure in Panama

Virtual | CAF – CNC Frorum: Digital Infrastructure in Panama

? 17 September 2020 ? 9:00 AM (Panama time)

In the current context, rethinking our digital agendas should be a key priority, emphasizing the importance of investment in digital infrastructure.

The healthcare emergency caused by COVID-19 is putting the resilience of our societies and their infrastructures to the test, and one of the lessons we have learned is that in the 21st century, social welfare cannot exclude the digital world. While the pandemic has shown that we are all equal when it comes to vulnerability, the level of digital connectivity shows us other pivotal dimensions that mark the difference between those who have access to telework, teleducation, telehealth, and other important digital public services, and the majority of those with scarcer resources who are excluded.

In this context, the purpose of the talk is to discuss the current state of Panama’s telecommunications infrastructure at a time of major challenges for access to essential digital services, while reviewing the nation’s potential in expanding coverage and quality of services, in an effort to support national productive transformation and consolidation as a regional hub.

In addition, participants will discuss the opportunities for productive transformation in the context of the new digital economy and the challenges posed by the pandemic, and what it entails for the different sectoral and cluster chains of the country.

Original source: CAF