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Uniform Law enforcement response to Technology-enabled crime in the fields of Reverse engineering and machine learning Algorithms: the creation of a European knowledge and research hub: ULTRA

Last update: Aug 31, 2023 Last update: Aug 31, 2023


Locations:Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, Sweden
Start Date:Jun 1, 2023
End Date:May 31, 2025
Sectors:Information & Communication Technology, LawInformation & Communication Technology, Law
Date posted:Aug 31, 2023

Associated funding

Associated experts


Programme(s): Internal Security Fund (ISF)

Topic(s): ISF-2022-TF1-AG-CYBER

Type of action: ISF Project Grants

Project ID: 101111659

Objective :

The ULTRA project aims to enhance the operational capacity of law enforcement and judicial authorities to investigate cyber-enabled crime. More specifically, the following project activities are foreseen: (1) the organisation of expert meetings on the technical and legal challenges and opportunities within the domain of reverse engineering, decryption, and intelligent algorithms, (2) the creation of a living lab on reverse engineering and intelligent algorithms in which European LEAs have access to the necessary infrastructure to execute activities concerning reverse engineering and the application of intelligent algorithms on decrypted data, and (3) the organisation of a train-the-trainer event in order to transfer the project’s knowledge and skills to the participants (1-2 LEA members from every EU member state will be invited to participate). Through the previously mentioned activities the project wishes for European LEAs to acquire further expertise and first-hand experience in the field of reverse engineering, decryption and intelligent algorithms and to foster cross-border cooperation and information exchange between law enforcement entities.

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