Horizon Europe (2021 - 2027)

Mobility justice for all: framing safer, healthier and happier streets: JUST STREETS

Last update: Feb 28, 2024 Last update: Feb 28, 2024


Locations:Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, UK
Start Date:Jan 1, 2024
End Date:Jun 30, 2027
Contract value: EUR 10,674,782
Sectors:Environment & NRM, Urban Development Environment & NRM, Urban Development
Date posted:Feb 28, 2024

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HORIZON.2.5 - Climate, Energy and Mobility MAIN PROGRAMME
HORIZON.2.2 - Culture, creativity and inclusive society
HORIZON.2.4 - Digital, Industry and Space
HORIZON.2.3 - Civil Security for Society
HORIZON.2.6 - Food, Bioeconomy Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment

Topic(s): HORIZON-MISS-2022-CIT-01-01 - Designing inclusive, safe, affordable and sustainable urban mobility

Call for proposal: HORIZON-MISS-2022-CIT-01

Funding Scheme: HORIZON-IA - HORIZON Innovation Actions

Grant agreement ID: 101104240


JUST STREETS is the project proposal from a team of 30 partners from 17 countries, including 12 cities representing more than 4,5m citizens. It aims to transform cities’ car-centered mobility narratives that take for granted that streets are for motorized traffic only, promoting walking, cycling and other active modes of mobility. JUST STREETS will be re-shaping street infrastructure and changing individual mobility behavior in 12 cities, while proactively sharing the generated “how-to-do-it” knowledge with hundreds of cities for rapid replication across Europe. In close collaboration with citizens, policy makers, experts, and interest groups the project will not only develop a new vision of spatial justice where streets become public space for all, but equally important find ways to rapidly implement changes. A strong focus is on displaying how necessary transformations in the face of climate change can (and must) successfully improve social justice, accessibility, inclusivity, and security along the way. Putting marginalized social groups, the most vulnerable mobility users, as well as those citizens at the core of JUST STREETS that have been previously underrepresented in mobility infrastructure decision-making will allow the project to create highly valuable knowhow, critical in creating better, more just, and sustainable cities for all citizens.
The unique composition of the JUST STREET consortium is critical in making sure this knowledge is not only created, but subsequently shared with as many urban decision makers as possible from cities across Europe who have the means to initiate transformation in their cities. Top-level research and organizations with vast experience in the fields of mobility, urban planning, climate change, and social transformation are collaborating with the communication and dissemination expert partners who have established channels to reach and interact with tens of thousands urban decision-makers that will shape the future of cities

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