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ENgage, COnnect and emPower young citizens living in the border towns of Europe: EN.CO.P

Last update: Feb 28, 2024 Last update: Feb 28, 2024


Locations:Austria, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Poland
Start Date:Jan 1, 2024
End Date:Dec 31, 2025
Sectors:Environment & NRM, Gender, Social Development, Tra ... See moreEnvironment & NRM, Gender, Social Development, Training
Date posted:Feb 28, 2024

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Programme(s): Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV)


Type of action: CERV Lump Sum Grants

Project ID: 101138074

Objective: With the EN.CO.P project, the members of the Border Towns and Islands Network intend to pursue their mission to support the development of sustainable, inclusive communities in which disadvantages in terms of geographical and institutional marginalisation are mitigated and in which the benefits of international cooperation and European integration have a tangible, increased impact. They wish to take advantage of the long term experience of the consortium in the field of networking and building exchanges between European local authorities and citizens on the major topics of EU citizenship. The EN.CO.P project widely addresses the scope of the CERV TN programme, since it aims at fostering awareness and knowledge on the benefits of inclusion, diversity and gender equality and communities’ integration, as well as debating and searching adaptation solutions at local level to the challenges of climate change and bringing citizens together to discuss the future of the Union and its democratic life. It will be able to translate, through training, exchanges, workshops and networking activities, what citizens and even local authority representatives may consider as abstract policy ambitions, i.e. the SDGs and their targets, the Gender Action Plan III, the European Green Deal, the New Leipzig Charter or the concepts such as climate resilience, integration and local governance, circular economy and gender equality, into tangible strategies, practices and tools that are relevant and actionable at local level. EN.CO.P directly targets 635 LAs’ civil servants/decision makers and CSOs representatives, as they are the main drivers of sustainable change in European local communities. Main target groups are young people, women and girls, and citizens in general. Training and workshops at local level will be organized (7), interwined with 1 online training and 4 international events aimed at building in practice the learning and the tools acquired during the activities of training.

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