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Rural communities’ engagement bringing green solutions: Rural Green

Last update: Feb 28, 2024 Last update: Feb 28, 2024


Locations:Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia
Start Date:Jan 1, 2024
End Date:Dec 31, 2025
Sectors:Rural DevelopmentRural Development
Date posted:Feb 28, 2024

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Programme(s): Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV)


Type of action: CERV Lump Sum Grants

Project ID: 101138179

Objective: The circular economy presents an opportunity for rural regions to overcome the challenges of reversing biodiversity declines and mitigating climate change, while producing sufficient food at the same time. By providing new jobs and income in rural areas, it can also foster economic development. Need assessment implemented during project preparation clearly showed that circular economy is not included in local policies and practices yet. Rural population (especially woman) doesn’t participate in policy making process to greening rural economy. Because of that, the Project is mainly focused on rural population (mostly woman) in five Eastern European countries. The aim of the project is to boosting rural population participation and creation of stronger bottom-up approach and more inclusive policy making process for greening rural economy. The project will gather at least 420 participants within 5 countries. They will have unique opportunity to exchange experiences on how to create a greener Union by focusing on the citizens participation in new development initiatives and introducing a new business model and greening rural economy. Main Project activities are: ·Five international on-situ events and one online event boosting inclusive policy making process in greening rural economy ·Five participative local events for creation of stronger bottom-up approach and to support faster transition to circular economy on local level · Dissemination of the project results The project outcomes will be: - Raised awareness among rural population on EU green policies, greening of rural economy and introducing circular economy in rural areas - Creation of the Digital Platform for policy making process in greening rural economy. It will provide the tools for boosting rural population participation in transition to circular economy - Creation of Working Group for introducing circular economy in rural areas which will allow further dialog and cooperation after Project end.

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