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Digital Transformation/ Additional functionalities to the SIVE

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Contract value: USD 44,400
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Categories:Consulting services
Date posted:Apr 18, 2024

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Project: Accelerating Digital Transformation in Public Sector

Reference Number: RfQ23/02713

Title: Digital Transformation/ Additional functionalities to the SIVE

Description: Development of additional functionalities to the Information System “Energy Vulnerability Fund” (SIVE). The Terms of Reference aim is to enhance data management capabilities by improving the collection, storage, and analysis and seek to establish a robust monitoring and reporting framework within the SIVE. This involves developing functionalities that enable real-time monitoring of energy vulnerability indicators, tracking fund allocation and utilization, and generating comprehensive reports. The functionalities defined to be developed refer to process automation, anti-fraud mechanisms, equity, and data security.

- Process automation - aims to streamline and automate the data management processes. This includes automating validation and reporting procedures, reducing manual effort, and enhancing efficiency.
- Anti-fraud mechanisms - implementation of robust security measures to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. This involves incorporating data validation algorithms, audit trails, and real-time monitoring tools to identify and mitigate potential fraud risks, ensuring the integrity of the fund and its allocation process.
- Equity - will ensure fair and transparent distribution of resources. This may involve the implementation of criteria and algorithms that consider socio-economic factors, vulnerability indicators, to allocate funds in a balanced and equitable manner, addressing the energy needs of disadvantaged communities

- Data security - will enhance data protection measures, including encryption, access controls, and secure storage protocols. These measures will safeguard sensitive information, ensure compliance with data privacy regulations, and protect the confidentiality and integrity of data related to energy vulnerability and fund management.

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