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Madagascar - Least-cost Electricity Access Development Project - Lead: D0123C Fourniture, Installation et Mise en Service de Raccordement Électrique des CSB et Centres Hospitaliers À Partir des Réseaux de la Jirama

Last update: Apr 22, 2024 Last update: Apr 22, 2024


Start Date:Oct 21, 2023
End Date:Feb 18, 2024
Contract value: USD 629,568
Sectors:Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering
Funding Agencies:
Date posted:Apr 22, 2024

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Project: P163870-Madagascar - Least-Cost Electricity Access Development Project - LEAD

Bid/Contract Reference No: MG-JIRAMA LEAD-350802-GO-RFB

Scope of Contract: Fourniture, installation et mise en service de raccordement electrique des 21 centres hospitaliers a partir des reseaux de la Jirama

Duration of Contract: 120 Day(s)

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