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Smart classroom - construction: South Alföld region (Lot 1)

Last update: May 15, 2024 Last update: May 15, 2024


Start Date:May 25, 2023
End Date:Oct 25, 2023
Contract value: HUF 145,967,121
Sectors:Civil Engineering Civil Engineering
Date posted:May 15, 2024

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II.1.1) Title:
Smart classroom - construction in 9 parts (1539)
Reference number: EKR001635232022

South Alföld region
Lot No: 1

II.1.4) Short description:
"EFOP-4.1.11-21 Smart classroom design, classroom renovation" public procurement procedure in 9 parts" Part 1: South Alföld region

Related constructions / Affected classroom number / Affected amount of work (pieces) / Affected sq.m
Wall painting 26 not relevant 2477.83
Wall repair 16 not relevant 1566,4068
Wall, floor and ceiling washing, water damage repair works 1 1 109,252
Wall decoration 26 26 2477.83
Partition wall construction (masonry works) 1 1 2
Demolition of walls, opening of rooms 1 1 not relevant
Floor replacement 21 not relevant 1185.71
Floor cleaning / renovation 5 not relevant 269.13
Elimination of platform 0 not relevant not relevant
Ceiling renovation 7 7 377.95
False ceiling 0 not relevant not relevant
Lighting replacement 24,250 not relevant
Renovation of the electrical network and related wall repair 26 not relevant not relevant
Building an electrical system 26 26 is not relevant
Water, sewer, chemical extractor, gas connection, etc. termination 0 not relevant not relevant
Covering ventilation pipes and electrical outlets 0 not relevant not relevant
Door replacement 21 27 55.2533
Window replacement 4 32 68.3614
Installation of motorized blinds 0 not relevant not relevant
Window and shutter renovation 1 1 2.02
Blind window covering 0 not relevant not relevant
External work (insulation) 1 1 not relevant
Radiator replacement 1011 1011 not relevant
Radiator repair 3 3 not relevant
Radiator construction 1 1 not relevant
Additional duties of the winning bidder:
- carrying out general organizational work
- preparation of an implementation plan, commissioning

II.2.7) Duration of the contract, framework agreement or dynamic purchasing system:
Duration in months: 5
This contract is subject to renewal: no

II.2.13) Identification of the project:
EFOP-4.1.11-21 Smart classroom, the development of spaces supporting digital learning in state-run public education institutions

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