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Somalia Crisis Recovery Project: Rehabilitation of Belethawa's Dolow (2.9Km) and Elwaq (1.9Km) Roads

Last update: May 16, 2024 Last update: May 16, 2024


Start Date:Feb 27, 2023
End Date:Oct 27, 2023
Contract value: USD 1,635,673
Sectors:Civil Engineering, Roads & Bridges Civil Engineering, Roads & Bridges
Funding Agencies:
Date posted:May 16, 2024

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Project: P173315-Somalia Crisis Recovery Project

Bid/Contract Reference No: SO-MOF-307802-CW-RFB

Scope of Contract: Rehabilitation of Belethawa's Dolow (2.9Km) and Elwaq (1.9Km) Roads, Jubaland State of Somalia

The scope of the works includes:

  • Construction of diversions and allowing for passage of traffic
  • Site clearance and topsoil stripping
  • Earthworks (approx. 39,000 m3)
  • Construction of Double Seal Surface Dressing (2.3Km)
  • Construction of Gravel Wearing Course (150mm)
  • Construction of Gravel Base Course (150 mm),
  • Construction of 1No. Box Culvert (4.0x1.5) on Elwaq Road (Km 1+670)
  • Pipe culverts (approx. 325m)
  • Road furniture

Duration of Contract: 8 Month(s)

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