Horizon Europe (2021 - 2027)

Efficient Direct Recycling for Low-value Lfp Battery for Circular and Sustainable Waste Management: ReUse

Last update: May 23, 2024 Last update: May 23, 2024


Locations:Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland
Start Date:Jan 1, 2024
End Date:Dec 31, 2026
Contract value: EUR 4,927,664
Sectors:Electrical Engineering, Environment & NRM, Polluti ... See more Electrical Engineering, Environment & NRM, Pollution & Waste Management (incl. treatment)
Date posted:May 23, 2024

Associated funding

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HORIZON.2.5 - Climate, Energy and Mobility 
HORIZON.2.5.9 - Energy Storage

Topic(s): HORIZON-CL5-2023-D2-01-02 - New processes for upcoming recycling feeds (Batt4EU Partnership)

Call for proposal: HORIZON-CL5-2023-D2-01

Funding Scheme: HORIZON-RIA - HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions

Grant agreement ID: 101137774


The development of sustainable, safe and efficient processes for battery recycling is crucial to improve the circularity and strategic autonomy of the European Li-ion battery (LiB) value chain, in line with the objectives of the Battery Partnership launched under Horizon Europe. The objective of the ReUse project is to improve the circularity and sustainability of the entire low-value LFP battery waste stream - from production scrap to end-of-life LiB - by developing new recycling processes that maximize the recovery of input elements and components. Specific objectives include the development of automated sorting and disassembly strategies, the improvement of recycling efficiency and direct reuse of battery materials, and the assurance of sustainability through life cycle assessment, life cycle costing and social impact studies. With a focus on maximizing material recovery, energy efficiency and purity, ReUse will develop a robust, flexible and sustainable direct recycling process for waste streams of varying composition and quality. The project aims to increase the global competitiveness of the European battery ecosystem in line with the European Strategic Plan for a clean and sustainable transition towards climate neutrality. Building on the BATTERY 2030+ Roadmap and the European Partnership on Batteries, ReUse aims to contribute to the policy needs of the European Green Deal and efficient recycling technologies. The project will address the urgent need to address the shortcomings related to the technological, economic and environmental sustainability of recycling EoL LiBs, especially LFP batteries, which make up 46% of the global LiB market by 2030.

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