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Rapid Affordable Microbiota Analysis at the point of Need: RAMAN

Last update: May 23, 2024 Last update: May 23, 2024


Start Date:Mar 1, 2024
End Date:Feb 28, 2026
Contract value: EUR 2,466,223
Sectors:Health, Research, Science & Innovation Health, Research, Science & Innovation
Date posted:May 23, 2024

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Programme(s): HORIZON.3.1 - The European Innovation Council (EIC) 

Topic(s): HORIZON-EIC-2023-TRANSITIONCHALLENGES-01 - EIC Transition Challenge: Full scale Micro-Nano-Bio devices for medical and medical research applications

Call for proposal: HORIZON-EIC-2023-TRANSITION-01

Funding Scheme: HORIZON-EIC - HORIZON EIC Grants

Grant agreement ID: 101159437


With the pressing demand of precision medicine and the catastrophic damage to microbiological ecosystems following organic processing and global warming, there is a critical need to rapid y characterise microbiota directly at the point of need and observe their potential drifts in real time to correct them in a timely manner. We recently observed an explosive growth of the microbiota market (+30% CAGR) with analyses relying on culture, metagenomics, or proteomics. However, all the available solutions are far too long to process and unadapted to operate at the point of need. BforCure has developed the first device ever enabling Rapid, Affordable Microbiota Analysis at the point of Need (RAMAN) for a comprehensive microbiota test result in just 10 min. The RAMAN project aims at 1) Maturing technologies from TRL4 to TRL 6, 2) developing two microbiota universal tests for vaginal microbiota (critical during deliveries with 4% of problematic births worldwide) and fermentation microbiota (responsible for the loss of up to 25% of the production with organic transformation). Strong demand from end-users and increasing legislation on the spread of microbiological risks make this an ideal time for our project. BforCure has developed a set of 4 breakthrough micro-nano-bio technologies that, once combined, unlock for the first time the possibility of bringing microbiota tests at the Point of Need giving a strong competitive advantage on a €11.9B market. BforCure is a dynamic company which has already demonstrated the successful development and commercialization of a microfluidic medical device in just 3 years. Our direct contact with the market and our agility of development make us the perfect team to build market-driven products with disruptive technologies which is crucial to create new markets. Once industrialised, our solution will enable BforCure and its customers to harness the power of the microbiota in many other contexts in health, agri-food industry, and wellness.

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