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Human-centered Design Tools for Nutrition and Malaria in South Sudan

Last update: Jun 20, 2024 Last update: Jun 20, 2024


Locations:South Sudan
Start Date:Jul 6, 2023
End Date:Dec 31, 2023
Contract value: USD 68,349
Sectors:Food Security, Health Food Security, Health
Categories:Consulting services
Date posted:Jun 20, 2024

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South Sudan faces severe challenges with endemic malaria and high food insecurity, particularly impacting children under five and pregnant women. The inconsistent use of mosquito nets and preventive treatments, coupled with factors like flooding, conflicts, and limited access to clean water, exacerbate poor nutrition and high levels of global acute malnutrition. To address these issues, the South Sudan Ministry of Health, supported by UNICEF and Firsthand, employed Human-Centered Design (HCD) tools to tackle malaria prevention and improve nutrition practices. This collaborative approach involved engaging communities, including pregnant women, caregivers, and local leaders, to understand barriers and drivers of behavior change. Through participatory design, prototyping, and tool development, context-specific interventions were designed, identifying key challenges and opportunities to enhance health outcomes in South Sudan.

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