Force Delta Ltd.

Force Delta Ltd.

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Legal residence:Bulgaria
Types:Consulting Organization Consulting Organization
Funding agencies:EC, Other
Sectors:Security Security
Nr. of employees:51-200
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In 1992, using the years of experience of leading US companies in the field of security guards with security equipment, Force Delta Ltd. was established in Bulgaria.

Force Delta is one of the leading licensed security guards with security and security equipment in Bulgaria. The company's business consists in supplying, assembling, dismantling and tuning US alarm systems complying with US and European security standards. The company is the exclusive and sole representative of the American companies operating in the field of security equipment "Napco", "Alarm lock" and "Continental Instruments". The company performs surveillance and security with signaling and security equipment of offices, banks, parking lots, private homes, embassies, public buildings, etc., video surveillance, physical security of sites and physical security of persons. The company employs more than 1000 employees on the territory of the country, which are increasing every month.

All employees of Force Delta Ltd. undergo a psycho-test and have a professional and linguistic preparation corresponding to the position and post they occupy.

The heads of the Security and Security Department are former officers of the MoI system.

They all have business cards identifying them as employees of the company they are required to present to each client.

Force Delta leads correspondence with world companies, manufacturers of security equipment, publishing magazines and brochures presenting the latest advances in the field of security equipment. This allows Force Delta to be one of the leading companies in this field in Bulgaria.



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