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Legal residence: Turkey
Types: Consulting Organization, Engineering Firm Consulting Organization, Engineering Firm
Funding agencies: COMESA, ADB, AfDB, FCDO, EBRD, EC, EIB, USAID, WB, Other, AFD, CDB, FAO, CIP, FP7, Horizon 2020, JICA, SADC, AIIB, ECOWAS
Sectors: Agriculture, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Desi ... See more Agriculture, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Design, Education, Electrical Engineering, Energy, Environment & NRM, Fisheries & Aquaculture, Food Processing & Safety, Food Security, Grants & Grant Schemes, Health, Information & Communication Technology, Land & Erosion & Soil, Livestock (incl. animal/bird production & health), Mapping & Cadastre, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Mining, Monitoring & Evaluation, Pollution & Waste Management (incl. treatment), Procurement, Programme & Resource Management, Research, Roads & Bridges, Rural Development, Science & Innovation, SME & Private Sector, Social Development, Training, Urban Development, Water & Sanitation
Nr. of employees: 11-50
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Status: Active

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  1. KOBi-ARGE International Development Consulting Engineering Technical Advisory Corporation (Ankara, Turkey)
  2. KOBi-ARGE International Development Consulting (ZM) Limited (Lusaka, Zambia)

KOBi-ARGE International Development Consulting Engineering Architecture and Technical Advisory Corporation (former KOBi-ARGE International Project Management and Consultancy Services, an independent project management consulting inititiative based in Turkey active since 1985), established as an incorporation effect from 18th October 2017 (Ankara Trade Chamber “ATO” Registration Number: 413532) situated in Ankara, Turkey, an international development consulting company specialised in project development, feasibility studies, engineering design, project management, project implementation consultancy (PIC), construction supervision, and commissioning supervision of large scale power, water, transport, energy and infrastructure projects and providing Capacity Building, Technical Assistance and Advisory services to international development projects, mainly EU funded projects, World Bank, ADB and other international donor funded projects. Its sister company, Zambian registered KOBi-ARGE International Development Consulting Zambia Limited is established on 12th February 2018 (PACRA registration No.120180001256), situated in Lusaka, Zambia.


The principle business includes architecture and engineering activities and related technical consultancy. The other business activities are:

  • International Development Consultancy,
  • International Energy Consultancy (Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Projects)
  • Environmental Management Services,
  • Project Management Consultancy, Engineering Consultancy and related Technical Advisory Services,
  • Programme Management / Projects Management Consultancy Services for International Development Programmes/ Projects,
  • EU Framework Projects Management and Consultancy Services,
  • Research and Development on Natural Sciences and Engineering
  • Research and Development on Social Sciences and Humanity
  • Education Support Services
  • Support Services for Crop Production, Mixed Farming, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
  • Project Construction Supervision of Buildings, Energy and other Engineering and Infrastructure Projects, Electrical Installation, and Other specialised construction activities.


Our technical expertise gives us a unique opportunity to have a positive and long lasting impact on the lives of people in developing countries and around the world.

KOBi-ARGE GROUP works to promote quality of life and sustainable economic growth in developing countries. Our target is being one of the world’s largest International Development Consulting service providers, delivering sustainable innovative solutions in developing counties.

We deliver International Development services through dedicated practice areas, working with clients in the public and private sectors to achieve sustainable development outcomes through cost-effective, innovative and equitable activities.

We help the world responding the extraordinary challenges of an interconnected and fast-paced international environment.

Building on our multi-disciplinary expertise, we deliver integrated, comprehensive, sustainable solutions to International Development challenges with integrity, transparency, accountability, innovation and reliability.

International Development Consultancy practice areas include:

  • Urban Planning
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Rural Development
  • Rural Electrification
  • Democracy and Human Rights
  • Fair Trade
  • Policy Development and Governance
  • Sustainable Health Systems, Better Health and Care
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Economic Growth
  • Sustainable Forest Management, Forest Bio-diversity and Agroforestry
  • Sustainable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • Clean and Renewable Energies
  • Clean Development Mechanisms
  • Disaster and Crisis Management
  • Climate Change/Mainstreaming
  • Carbon Markets/Trading
  • National Adaptation Programmes of Action
  • Organic and Resilient Farming
  • Animal Health and Welfare
  • Sustainable Food Safety and Security
  • Sustainable Land Use Management
  • Sustainable Intensification and Land Productivity
  • Human Development
  • Capacity Development and Institutional Capacity Building
  • Knowledge and Technology Transfer
  • TVET “Technical-Vocational Education and Training”


KOBi-ARGE INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING GROUP provides Professional Engineering Consulting (Consulting Engineering), Engineering Management and Owner's Engineering Services on the following;

  • Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Studies for the projects
  • Conceptual Studies for the Projects
  • Conceptual Design, and Design of Conceptual Layout Plans
  • Definition of Design Criteria for the Projects.
  • Preparation of Design Specifications for the Projects.
  • Pre-design (Preliminary Engineering Design), FEED «Front End Engineering Design», Basic Design and Detailed Engineering Design,
  • Dam and Hydro-Power Engineering Design and Project Construction Management and Supervision.
  • Water Resources, GIS and LiDAR Mapping Projects.
  • Power System Master Planning, Electricity Distribution Master Planning
  • Power Generation Engineering Design and Supervision
  • Power Plant Data, Power Plant Mapping and Power Evacuation Plans
  • Power Management, Load Flow Analysis/Studies
  • Short Circuit Analysis and Stability Studies and Fault Analysis Studies
  • Reactive Power Compensation Assessments
  • Sectionalizing Study
  • HV/MV Power Distribution Substation Projects Civil/Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Design and Supervision
  • Power Transmission and Distribution Projects Programme Management Consultancy, Engineering Design and Supervision
  • U/G “Underground” Distribution Network Design
  • Over Head Distribution System Design
  • Transmission Lines Cadastral Surveys and Geological Mapping
  • Transmission Lines Geotechnical Investigations
  • Transmission Lines Mechanical and Electrical Design
  • Transmission Lines Tower Foundation Design
  • Grid Impact Studies/Reports
  • Protection Relay Engineering & SCADA "Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition" System Engineering
  • CSP "Concentrated Solar Power" Plant Design and Project Development
  • PV "Photo-Voltaic" Solar Power Plant Design and Project Development
  • Urban Design and Urban Master Planning (Town Planning)
  • Development of Energy Efficiency Standards for the Projects
  • Energy Efficient Building Design
  • Environmental Engineering and Environmental Management Projects


  • ESIA «Environmental and Social Impact Assessment» Studies for Dam & Hydro-Power and Water Projects
  • ESIA «Environmental and Social Impact Assessment» Studies for Power T&D Projects. Power Distribution Substations and Power Transmission Lines
  • ESIA «Environmental and Social Impact Assessment» Studies for Solar PV “Photo Voltaic” and CSP “Concentrated Solar Power” Projects
  • ESMP «Environmental and Social Management Plans»
  • Risk and Hazar Assessments associated with Projects/Activities
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plans
  • Community Outreach Programmes
  • Development of GRM «Grievance Redress Mechanism»
  • Institutional Development and Capacity Building Plans to ensure effective implementation of ESMP «Environmental and Social Management Plans»
  • RAP «Resettlement Action Plan» Studies and Resettlement Policy Framework
  • Power Evacuation Plans


  • Human Development,
  • Capacity Development and Institutional Capacity Building
  • Knowledge and Technology Transfer
  • Training Management: Prepare Training Need Analysis (TNA) for successful completion of projects and subsequent operation of systems.
  • Institutional Development and Capacity Building Plans to ensure effective implementation of ESMP «Environmental and Social Management Plans»
  • Design Training Modules and Curriculums
  • Provide on the Job Training Programmes, Practical Application Trainings.
  • Skills Training and TVET “Technical-Vocational Education and Training”.


KOBi-ARGE INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING GROUP provides Technical Advisory support services to your organization and involves in:

  • Technical Assistance in Project Mangement and Supervision
  • Due-diligence Analysis and SWOT Analysis,
  • Need Analysis, Training Need Analysis
  • Capacity Gap Analysis,
  • Institutional Capacity Building / Capacity Development
  • Business Plan Development
  • ESIA "Environmental and Social Impact Assessment" Studies,
  • Feasibility Studies,
  • Project Identification and Conceptual design, 
  • Finding Eligible Partners for Your Project (Partner Matching),
  • Preparation of Consortium Agreements and Project Consortium Building for EU funded & other Donor Funded Projects
  • Submission of your Project Proposal to European Commission, and/or other International Donor Organizations and to the related Contracting Authority,
  • Participation to the contract negotiations with European Commission & other International Donor Organizations, and/or related Contracting Authorities,
  • Project Implementation Consultancy (PIC) Services


KOBi-ARGE INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING GROUP is a Research Performing (R&D Implementing) company involving in the following:

  • Research and Development on Natural Sciences and Engineering
  • Research and Development on Social Sciences and Humanity
  • Coordination of Research and Development Activities,
  • Engineering and Designing, Prototyping,
  • Prototyping, and Pilot Scale Demonstration,
  • Commercial scaled demonstration / Commercialization of Research and Development Projects.
  • Coordination of Research and Development Activities,
  • Commercial scaled demonstration / Commercialization,
  • Testing and Commissioning & Start-up phases of R&D projects.



If you have an innovative project idea, a new and innovative investment plan that you think you are willing to live with, or if you have a capacity increase goal, you can call us any time you want, to get information and consultancy support for your Research and Technological Development Projects, access to development funds, access to finance and external grant supports.

With our diverse teams of professional project experts experienced on International Development Projects and EU funded Research and Innovation Projects, We Prepare:

  • Innovative Research and Technological Development Project Proposals,
  • Pilot Scale Demonstration Project Proposals,
  • Large Scaled Research and Innovation Projects and Investment Projects Proposals 
  • Prototype Development and Commercial Scale-Up of your Research and Innovation Projects on behalf of your enterprise/your organization, for and with our clients and business partners.

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