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Legal residence:Sierra Leone
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Our vision is to restore the confidence of destitute orphans for a brighter future; we pray that every heart be touched to safeguard our future generation


The Zac Bah Foundation is a highly effective child welfare charity funding key child rights & child protection projects across Sierra Leone with intentions to work across Africa in the near future. Our mission is to increase awareness to people around the world about the need to safeguard rights and dignities of especially destitute orphans, their caregivers and their communities. We currently seeks to implement and/or fund child rights & child protection projects across Sierra Leone, which contest crimes against destitute orphans, safeguard their dignities and engage local communities in finding long-term, sustainable solutions to restore the confidence of the destitute orphans and other vulnerable children for a brighter future. We also campaign for stronger laws and nationalist policies for orphans and fund investigations to expose the inhuman treatment, including child trafficking.

Through dedication and hard work the founder of Zac Bah Foundation has constructed and equipped a community Health Center in Bo City and established a pure-water (Sachet) factory in Njala, both serving as fundraising enterprises for the work of the foundation. In 2014, the Zac Bah Foundation supported the work of the District Ebola Committee in Moyamba District by providing purified drinking water and cooking condiments (Salt, Fish, Maggi, Pepper) to quarantined homes at the Moyamba Junction

The foundation stones of our work are to contest, safeguard and involve


  • we fight for greater legal protection of orphans and other destitute children;
  • we build capacity of key law enforcement networks;
  • we secure/raise fund locally (Internally & Externally) and internationally for programmes;
  • we support undercover investigations into abuse of orphans and child rights;
  • we campaign to bring an end to the child trafficking and ritual murders involving orphans and other destitute children;
  • we equip and train key stakeholders, (including the police; commercial bike-riders; local authorities, etc) to safeguard vulnerable children, especially girls from perpetrators of rape, sexual penetration, and other forms of child abuse;


  • we help rescue and provide safe alternative caregiver to destitute orphan(s) when found orphaned or in the hands of cruel/unconducive individuals and homes;
  • we support research into orphan caregiver conflict to create sustainable peace and harmony in the homes
  • we monitor individual homes where orphans are hosted, including orphanage homes, to better understand their needs and vulnerabilities
  • we equip and train social works, law-protection agencies, child protection & child rights agencies in key population areas


  • we provide educational support to destitute orphans preventing them from dropping out of school;
  • we support caregivers and communities with sustainable livelihood schemes
  • we educate the communities and stakeholders consumers about the dilemma of destitute orphans
  • we enable and empower local communities to better safeguard the rights and dignity of orphans
  • we work with celebrities to raise awareness through social media
  • we collaborate with and encourage philanthropists to support orphans, their caregivers, communities, and/or orphanage homes
  • we partner with individuals and companies to raise funds and awareness for orphans, their caregivers, communities, and orphanage homes

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