TOV Novatsii

TOV Novatsii

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Legal residence:Ukraine
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Sectors:Information & Communication Technology Information & Communication Technology
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Novations was founded in 2006, and offers laboratories and enterprises the development and integration of solutions based on analytical, research and vacuum equipment, with methods due to the tasks set. The company is an official exclusive representative of Malvern Instruments (GB) – particle and dispersants analyzers, Particle Measuring Systems (USA) – Clean room monitoring systems, air and liquid particle counters and microbiological air and surface monitoring , Thermo Scientific (PAI, USA) – portable NIR and Raman spectrometers, Viavi Solutions Inc. (USA) - portable NIR spectrometers for on-line monitoring parameters of manufacturing processes and portable NIR spectrometers, Agilent Technologies (Vacuum devision USA, IT) – vacuum equipment and components.


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