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Legal residence:Bosnia and Herzegovina
Types:Supplier Supplier
Funding agencies:WB
Sectors:Industry, Commerce & Services, Transport Industry, Commerce & Services, Transport
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Nature and type of HANO business requires constant communication and cooperation with buyers. Types of such cooperation are numerous and they include many activities from determining and monitoring needs of a buyer, through taking over obligations for their realization, as well as control and checking of quality until product deliverance and performing services for a buyer even after formal completion of work. Total and absolute fulfillment of requirements and needs of HANO product beneficiaries, is the basic goal when it comes to policy of quality.

In order to demonstrate our clients capability to absolutely fulfill their expectations, principal as well as all employees of HANO Company are taking all necessary measures and activities to ensure that delivered products and services meet clients specified requests, needs and desires as well as all requests in terms of quality that are defined through nationally and internationally recognized set of standards and norms.

In the same time we are striving to establish strong business relation with all our suppliers and business partners based on mutual benefit and pleasure.

For that purpose all available knowledge, qualification and experience of our entire staff together with available material resources are used to build up, maintain and constantly improve our quality control efficiency. We believe that this is the only right way to ensure that the quality on one side and different business activities on the other side become one integrated process. We are convinced that in this fashion we can achieve other goals:

• Increase of production scope every year in relation to the previous one,

• Increase of annual profit through reduction of business expenses,

• Increase of motivation and quality of life of each employee,

• Establishment and maintenance of mutually beneficent, long-term relationship with our suppliers and business partners.

Principal and all employees are firmly determined and obliged to precisely implement all activities described above as well those defined in other documents related to quality control management.


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