HYDRO-AIR international irrigation systems GmbH

HYDRO-AIR international irrigation systems GmbH

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The Brandenburg company HYDRO-AIR is the specialist for individual and reliable irrigation technology, slurry technology and pump control. The range of services offered by the family

company in the second generation includes all services from planning and project planning to delivery to assembly and maintenance of the most complex and demanding irrigation systems.

Individual solutions for the construction of wells and pump stations are just as much a part of the offer as the production of needs-based, wireless or app-based pump controls and the use of

the latest sensor and slurry technology.

For more than 10 years, HYDRO-AIR has been involved in a wide variety of international research projects on water treatment and irrigation of agricultural areas.

Due to the commitment of the company, the employees of HYDRO-AIR always has the latest specialist knowledge and special skills. In addition, the company was able to continually expand

the range of irrigation systems, water treatment systems and manure technology with the latest innovations.

In addition to a sensor for measuring nutrients in the soil and an automated fertilization system for circular irrigation, HYDRO-AIR also participated in the development of sensor-controlled

application systems for wastewater using the latest slurry technology.



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