Moore Stephens Ltd. (Macedonia)

Moore Stephens Ltd. (Macedonia)

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Legal residence:North Macedonia
Types:Consulting Organization Consulting Organization
Funding agencies:WB
Sectors:Audit, Information & Communication Technology, Law ... See more Audit, Information & Communication Technology, Law, Macro-Econ. & Public Finance
Other offices:Sierra Leone, Germany, Russia, Romania, Lebanon, Paraguay, Luxembourg, Guatemala, Jordan, Mauritius, Serbia, Argentina, Azerbaijan, South Africa, China, Australia, Belgium, Ecuador, UAE
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The audit firm Moore Stephens LTD Skopje (MS or the firm) was founded by the end of 1998 as one of the first audit firms in Republic of Macedonia according to the first Audit Law from 1997 under the name of Macedonian Audit Center.

In this period the firm has obtain temporally license for auditing according to the current legislation, while since December 2002 the firm has obtain permanent license issued by the Ministry of finance of Republic of Macedonia.

Commencing from 27 of March 2009, the firm is full member of the international association of auditing firms MOORE STEPHENS International Limited (

In September 2009, according to the shareholders decision, the firm’s name has been changed from Macedonia Audit Center DOO Skopje in to Moore Stephens LTD Skopje.

According to the name change, in December 2009, the firm has received new decision for issuing of License for performing audit activities by the Ministry of finance of Republic of Macedonia.

In May 2013, MS has gain permanent license for performing audit issued by the Council for improving and supervision of the audit.

The basic activity of the firm is audit of financial statements of companies, banks and insurance companies in Republic of Macedonia, as well as, audit of the financial statements of different projects financed by foreign donators or creditors as World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and other funds.

As a result of its professionalism and merit respect, MS has concluded audit engagements with around 40 – 50 clients in Republic of Macedonia.


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