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DEME SO Association

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Legal residence:Mali
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Sectors:Advocacy, Human Rights, Humanitarian Aid & Emergen ... See more Advocacy, Human Rights, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Law
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DEME SO (which means "the house of help" ) is an association created in 1991 at the initiative of young Malian lawyers. Its main objective is the promotion and protection of human rights in Mali.

In particular, in 1994, the association created a “legal clinic” within which legal assistance activities for victims of rights abuses and information and awareness-raising activities for populations on their rights and duties are developed. Of "legal tours" are especially organized to go talk to the grassroots legal problems and their resolution methods. The "Legal days" are also available to administrators and policy to reflect on rights violation situations and solutions that can be made.

Besides the legal clinic, DEME SO has developed 3 other areas of activity:
 awareness-raising and legal training: the association trains and supervises paralegals in particular (villagers responsible for disseminating knowledge of the law within their community);
 the service for the improvement of conditions of prevention and detention in Mali;
 the women's promotion service, within the framework of which the association supports the creation of women's groups and their mobilization for their rights.


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