IAS Murska Sobota - Institute of Advanced Technologies and Sustainable Development (formerly known as Institute of Advanced Technologies and Communications)

IAS Murska Sobota - Institute of Advanced Technologies and Sustainable Development (formerly known as Institute of Advanced Technologies and Communications)

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Legal residence:Slovenia
Types:Consulting Organization Consulting Organization
Funding agencies:EBRD, EC, EIB, UNDP, USAID, Other, UN, CoE, SDC, UNIDO, UNEP, CIP, FP7
Sectors:Education, Electrical Engineering, Grants & Grant ... See more Education, Electrical Engineering, Grants & Grant Schemes, Industry, Commerce & Services, Information & Communication Technology, Laboratory & Measurement, Research, Rural Development, Science & Innovation, Telecommunications
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Status: Active

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Institute of Advanced Technologies and Sustainable Development (IAS Murska Sobota) is a non-profit organization located in Technology park Murska Sobota, North-eastern part of Slovenia, bordering to Austria, Hungary and Croatia. The Institute was established in 2011 as Institute of Advanced Technologies and Communications (INTK Murska Sobota) with a clear goal to establish a cooperation platform for development oriented institutions in the region and was re-structured into IAS MURSKA SOBOTA in 2016 by extending the scope of work to food innovation and rural development.

IAS Murska Sobota conducts research, development, training, deployment, consulting and other non-profit activities, which aim to increase or achieve the highest excellence in the development of new products, services and technologies with high added value in the field of advanced information-communication technologies, tourism and sustainable development.

As a member of Technology Park, IAS Murska Sobota strives to establish an international ”Eco System” of companies and institutions which will be able to challenge the global competitiveness in the area of Sustainable development.

Vision is to become internationally recognised platform for innovative and development oriented companies and institutions.

The mission of IAS Murska Sobota is to utilize its organizational, communication, project management and technological knowledge and skills and turn this into competitive advantage for its network of institutions. The development strategy is focused into creating an ”Eco System” that will allow expanding specific areas of sustainable development and producing new skills necessary to achieve the goal – improving the innovation capacity and identification of new opportunities in the field of ICT, tourism and other fields of sustainable development.

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