Thefaf AlRafidain Group Ltd

Thefaf AlRafidain Group Ltd

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Legal residence:UAE
Types:Engineering Firm Engineering Firm
Funding agencies:UNDP, WB, Other
Sectors:Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Energy, ... See more Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Energy, Mechanical Engineering, Water & Sanitation
Other offices:Iraq
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Status: Active

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THEFAF ALRAFIDAIN Group for general contracts Ltd., is a prominent, deep-rooted, dynamic, and reliable company that operates in different fields; such as the design and execution of infrastructure, medical, educational, water and wastewater fields, electromichanical, pipeline, oil and gas facilities.

THEFAF ALRAFIDAIN Group is also involved in EPC projects such as Numaniah project, accommodation and catering, trading and supplying, equipment and tools, and market resource, in addition to survey and soil investigation, services and maintenance sector and others.


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