Santé Sud (TUNISIE)

Santé Sud (TUNISIE)

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Legal residence:Tunisia
Funding agencies:Other
Sectors:Gender, Heating, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency Gender, Heating, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency
Nr. of employees:51-200
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Santé Sud is an official association, which was created in 1984 in Marseilles, France where the headquarters is still located.  Santé Sud is made up of over 300 volunteer members and 40 employees, 28 of whom are in developing countries.

Our mission :

We strengthen the capacities of health care professionals in developing countries to allow for the vulnerable populations to have access to sustainable and quality health care. These populations are usually penalized by their geographic isolation (rural communities), by their disease or by their mental, physical or social handicap. 

Our methods :

We work to ensure that populations in developing countries can be cared for by qualified local human resources. Our actions are centered around training and capacity building.The actions are based on: the understanding of local needs, the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and the close collaboration between policy makers and health care workers in the field. 

Our action :

With our partners we have carried out more than 80 health care programs in over 25 countries. Today we have programs in Africa (Mali, Madagascar, Mauritania, and the Central African Republic), in the Mediterranean area (Algeria, Tunisia, and Lebanon) and in Asia (Mongolia).  Our contribution  Santé Sud is a specialist in health care development and is a reliable partner.

We offer:

• The technical experience and adaptability of our team who are experts in social and medical fields as well as project management.

• A professional approach to project conception and management.

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