University of Fisheries

University of Fisheries

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Legal residence:Vietnam
Types:Academic Institution Academic Institution
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Sectors:Education, Research Education, Research
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1. Mission:Training of highly qualified human resources; scientific research, technology transfer and provision of multidisciplinary professional services, in which the fisheries sector is strong, meeting the requirements of socio-economic development. 

2. Vision:

By 2030, it is a prestigious multidisciplinary university in training, scientific research and technology transfer, leading Southeast Asia in the field of fisheries science and a number of marine economics. 

3. Motto:

Always innovating, looking forward to the future 
4. Core values:

Solidarity - Integration - Dynamic - Responsibility 
5. Educational philosophy:

         Focus on developing professionalism, creative ability and sense of responsibility in an integrated education environment, linked with professional practice and the community. 
6. Educational objectives:

Education and training activities at Nha Trang University are aimed at students' development:

+ Political courage, sense of responsibility, ethics, aesthetics and health;

+ Basic and in-depth knowledge about careers;

+ Soft skills and professional skills suitable for the profession;

+ Ability to research and apply science - technology;

+ Entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to self-study, create and adapt to the professional working environment.


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