OC Global - Oriental Consultants Global (Indonesia)

OC Global - Oriental Consultants Global (Indonesia)

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Legal residence:Indonesia
Types:Consulting Organization Consulting Organization
Funding agencies:Other
Sectors:Agriculture, Air & Aviation, Architecture, Civil E ... See more Agriculture, Air & Aviation, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Conflict, Disaster Reduction , Energy, Environment & NRM, Roads & Bridges, Tourism, Transport, Urban Development, Water & Sanitation, Water Navigation & Ports & Shipping
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Status: Active

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Oriental Consultants Global is a consulting company based in Japan that facilitates development in countries all around the world. We specialize in planning, design, construction supervision, and project management for most types of infrastructure, but especially within the transportation sector (roads, bridges, railways, airports, ports), but also provide services for architectural works, water and sewerage systems, water resources development, agricultural engineering, rural and urban infrastructure, oil and gas facilities, energy, tourism, information technology, disaster management, and environmental protection.

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