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Legal residence:Belize
Types:Consulting Organization Consulting Organization
Funding agencies:IADB, Other
Sectors:Information & Communication Technology Information & Communication Technology
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KYN Consulting offers quality and affordable ICT consulting services. Our approach is geared at meeting and exceeding the expectations of the all clients by offering timely, efficient and flexible ICT solutions. The main strategy is to provide the customer with outstanding customer service. We work closely with customers to provide optimum solutions that will meet their specific needs. This approach ensures that our clients will always be provided with the most effective and professional services. We have specialized personnel with years of experience and expertise. They possess a wide range of qualifications in Networking and Information systems. They specialize in both proprietary and Open Source solutions to ensure that the client 's needs are met irrespective of hardware and software platforms. KYN Consulting also provides services and solutions to educational institutions, whose needs are always unique and distinct than that of commercial institutions but whose problems still require cost-effective and innovative solutions. At KYN Consulting we are continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to provide our clients with the best expertise and experience available. Our exceptional technical expertise coupled with extensive knowledge and experience in ICT makes us the right choice for any of your ICT needs.


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