Technol Slovenia Ltd.

Technol Slovenia Ltd.

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Legal residence:Slovenia
Types:Supplier Supplier
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Sectors:Water & Sanitation Water & Sanitation
Nr. of employees:51-200
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Established in 1990, TECHNOL is a designer and manufacturer of vertical and horizontal FRP pressure multimedia filters, cartridge filters, perlite filters, strainers, ozone reactors, ion exchangers, sedimentation tanks, storage tanks, scrubbers, WWTP and other FRP products by request.

Along FRP products we design and produce UF/RO recycle systems for swimming pool backwash water and compact UF units for drinking water.

FRP is an ideal material for agressive environments as it is 100% resistant to corrosion. Our products are used in swimming pools, desalination, water and waste water treatment, chemical sector, energy sector, road maintenance as well in agriculture.

Technol produce pressure filters up to 4m in diameter and 15m in length or height and max. 10bar of working pressure, filters backwashing is possible with water and air.

Technol is working according ISO9001/14001 standard and exporting to 40 countries.


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