Tonki Developments

Tonki Developments

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Last update: Jul 13, 2023 Last update: Jul 13, 2023
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Legal residence:South Africa
Types:Consulting OrganizationConsulting Organization
Funding agencies:Other
Sectors:Decentralization & Local Development, Environment ... See moreDecentralization & Local Development, Environment & NRM, Finance & Accounting, Information & Communication Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Mining, Pollution & Waste Management (incl. treatment), Programme & Resource Management, Rural Development, Science & Innovation, Security, SME & Private Sector, Social Development, Trade, Training, Transport, Urban Development, Water & Sanitation, Water Navigation & Ports & Shipping
Nr. of employees:51-200
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Conceived in February 2022, TONKI, is a synergistic fusion of the ideas of like-minded professionals from around the world, with their counterparts in Botswana.

TONKI is a Pan-African-focused company founded in Botswana with a strong regional outlook. In this way, Tonki is more than a company, it is a network of environmentally and socially conscious experts in their fields of interest, which are:

Green Energy (solar, wind and biofuels), Green Technologies, Waste management, Agri Tech, Internet of Things (IOT), Water and Sanitation

‘Tonki’ means donkey in the Setswana language. Hence, we represent the best characteristics of our namesake animal, by being patient, loyal, intelligent, hardworking, and bearing some of the burdens of our fellow human beings.

We were formed to make a difference wherever we do business; to create value for shareholders while being environmentally and community conscious. Through the adoption of circular economy principles, we use technology to meet our goals.

The circular economy underpins all Tonki's activities, which are driven by a keen focus on minimising the environmental impact of economic activity as well as the ultimate reduction of our carbon footprint.

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