Foundation for Environmental Development and Economic Transformation

Foundation for Environmental Development and Economic Transformation

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Legal residence:Cameroon
Funding agencies:Other
Sectors:Agriculture, Education, Energy, Grants & Grant Sch ... See moreAgriculture, Education, Energy, Grants & Grant Schemes, Health, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Information & Communication Technology, Livestock (incl. animal/bird production & health), Pollution & Waste Management (incl. treatment), Poverty Reduction, Rural Development, Social Development, Tourism, Trade, Training, Water & Sanitation, Youth
Nr. of employees:11-50
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ORGANISATIONAL BACKGROUND: Our organization is a nonprofit, nonpolitical and non-religious organization base in Cameroon and it is called, FOUNDATION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL DEVELOPMENT AND ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION OF THE PEOPLE (FEDETOP) our website is: http//

Below is our registration certificate indicating our legalization and objectives to meet the people’s needs for development in the needy communities.

History: FEDETOP is a registered association in Cameroon in the Ministry Territorial Administration; our registration number is Ref No: 283/AR/G.42/162AJPAS. FEDETOP organization was created in the year 2013 and since then, we have been carrying out a lot of development in the communities by improving in projects like agriculture, livelihoods support, conservation, education and many others. Our organization was registered on the 27th of February 2014 with the following objectives:

  • We find and identify needy areas especially within the rural masses.
  • We have priority on human Development, basically in the domain of health, education, sport, agriculture, improvement and other income generating activities to rural masses, thus the economic dependency of the population.
  • We provide opportunities for development and sensitization through workshops and seminars in order to boost the economic development of the people within the identified communities responsibly and sustainably, this to influence dependency in small and medium size activities inter-alia.
  • We encourage income generating skills among rural communities.
  • We improve on networking and partnership with grass root peasant farmers and deliver their information to the appropriate quarters for assistance.
  • We transform rural communities by introducing needed skills and encourage science and technology within the areas.
  • We protect nature and prevent global disintegration including good water sources.
  • We improve on livestock production and cash crop or food crop.
  • We discourage inhumanity like genital mutilation on female children and racial distinction and class inequality in the crisis and war affected zones.

We have carried out a lot of projects in the rural communities since 2015, we will like to partner with your organisation here in cameroon.

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