Center for Prevention of Violent Extremism in Somalia

Center for Prevention of Violent Extremism in Somalia

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Legal residence:Somalia
Funding agencies:Other
Sectors:Conflict, Education, Social Development, Youth Conflict, Education, Social Development, Youth
Nr. of employees:2-10
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CPVE Somalia is a non-profit non-political association established in 2021, led by youth, peace scholars, reactionaries practitioner and international peace fellows who believe that equipping young people and communities with knowledge, critical thinking and communication tools, as well as strengthening livelihood alternatives, can remove extreme violence and all kinds of domestic violence, including bullying and GBVs. The Center is the result of the International Peace Fellowship and Social Change initiatives at Rotary Peace Fellowship.

The Center believes the use of education to build a positive world and resilience to violent extremist and mitigates the drivers of this phenomenon. The members of the Center  are committed to changing the mindset of their peers, by addressing the domestic challenges, drivers, and bushes to violence extremism through thinking and communication tools (Theory of constraints) that logically identify their personal, community, and environmental challenges. By providing alternatives to overcome key limitations that inhibit them from achieving a non-violent, peaceful, and better life.  Through its work the Center for Prevention of Violent Extremism equips community sectors of all ages and backgrounds with critical thinking tools, skills, knowledge, values, and attitudes they need to overcome the challenges and take positive actions against violent.

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