Mission Bambini Foundation

Mission Bambini Foundation

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Legal residence:Italy
Funding agencies:Other, AICS / DGDC
Sectors:Education, Health, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency Education, Health, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency
Nr. of employees:11-50
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Status: Active

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The Mission Bambini Foundation was founded in Italy in 2000, with its aim to “help and support children who are poor, sick, without education or physically and morally abused, to give them the opportunity and hope of a better life”. Children have always been the focus of our help and our job is to accompany them towards a better future: we are their lucky stars. Mission Bamini is an independent, non-profit and secular organization, recognized as an NPO (Non-Profit Organization of Social Utility). We operate without any discrimination on the basis of culture, ethnicity or religion and always act in respect of children’s rights. In early 2015 the Italian Foundation created Mission Bambini Switzerland and Friends of Mission Bambini in the USA. In pursuing our mission, the Foundation is guided by the following principles: Liberty, Justice, Truth, Respect, Solidarity


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