United Nations Development Programme (Asia-Pacific Regional Centre)

Individual Consultant (National only) – Architect for the Preparation of Design and Construction Drawings



United Nations Development Programme (Asia-Pacific Regional Centre)

Civil Engineering , Programme & Resource Management , Architecture

Job type:
Contract, up to 4 months

English , Samoan

Work experience:
From 10 years

Date posted:
2021-06-23, 0 hits

Expected starting date:



The global COVID-19 pandemic presents an opportunity for Samoa to test and strengthen social, economic, and environmental resilience in safeguarding and accelerating progress against the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Small Island Developing States Accelerated Modalities of Action (SAMOA Pathway). While reversing rising unemployment trends will require continued macroeconomic stability, targeted labour support to the unemployed, particularly women and youth, is critical to building back better by creating more sustainable, resilient and inclusive industries, capable of buffering the long-term socio-economic impact of COVID-19 and risks of future crises, whilst ensuring strengthened local and nation-wide preparedness mechanisms. The COVID-19 Preparedness and Recovery: Diversification of the Economic Sector in Samoa project aims to strengthen COVID-19 preparedness and accelerate socio-economic recovery through the revitalization, diversification, and expansion of the agriculture and fisheries sector to unlock the potential of Samoa’s green and blue economy, adopting a Human Security approach to create sustainable employment opportunities for the vulnerable, particularly women and youth. The project envisions a single, overarching output: COVID-19 preparedness and socio-economic recovery is strengthened in Samoa, particularly for unemployed women and youth. Key results to be achieved include the exploration and testing of niche market opportunities for sustained and sustainable local value chain development that benefit women and youth through the creation of decent employment and economic empowerment, and contribute to strengthening health preparedness, environmental sustainability, and community resilience.

Duties and Responsibilities


The scope of services is for the design and preparation of construction drawings for the extension of the Hatchery facilities at Toloa. The extension works will comprise of the following:

• Design of new sea-weed hatchery ponds (refer to concept schematic diagram prepared by MAF).

• Design of a new shelter for the new sea-weed hatchery ponds (Designer to provide the most cost-effective design for the shelter).

• Design of a new plumbing system to supply the new extension (include new pumping and sand filtering systems)

• Design of miscellaneous items such as electrical system to service the new extension, stormwater drains and outlet system, and wastewater system (if applicable).


In line with the primary tasks and scope of work outlined above, the AES Provider will be working under the direct supervision of the UNDP Assistant Resident Representative (ARR) Governance & Poverty Reduction Unit (GPRU), and work closely with the CPRDESS Project Coordinator to effectively and efficiently undertake the following outputs and deliverables within the specified timelines:

Deliverables, Timeframe and Level of Inputs

Due Date

% of Payment (Lump Sum)

Deliverable 1 – Upon final approval by UNDP;

Physical and Structural Inspection of Existing Site Conditions – Building Services Site Due Diligence
Site Plan Drawing - must identify setbacks, existing structures, adjacent property boundaries, access / roads and north point direction.
Elevation drawings - provide all side elevations clearly showing ground level, appearance of structure, size of openings / doors etc. and roof pitch
Structural detail drawing(s) - ensure to provide structural details of all connections, member sizes, foundations and concrete slab details.

31 July

7 days


Deliverable 2 - Upon final approval by UNDP;

Cross section drawing(s) - provide cross section drawing(s) that clearly identify applicable dimensions, providing an accurate representation of internal structure structures and their descriptions.
Plumbing Plan Layout and Detail drawing(s) - ensure to include a separate drawing(s) that clearly showing plumbing plan layout, identifying water supply lines, seawater supply lines, drainage/outlet pipelines, stormwater drainage lines, location of pump systems and sand filter systems and including plumbing fitting details;
Electric Plan Layout and Detail drawing(s) - ensure to include a separate drawing(s) that clearly showing electrical plan layout with details identifying light fixtures, fittings, wiring and a main junction box with load capacity clearly defined.
Floor Plans - ensure to include both architectural and structural floor plans as required that clearly showing floor layouts with dimensions to identifying lengths, widths and spacings.
Foundation plan - include a foundation plan showing the depths of fill or cut areas, depths of footings and concrete slabs;
Roofing plan - include a roofing plan for the covering shelter identifying member sizes and spacings;
Prepare and submit construction drawings sufficient for the MWTI's Building Permit requirements.
Locality Plan / Drawing List - identifying the project site on the Map of Samoa / Upolu and a list of all drawings in the construction set

20 August

14 days


Services to be provided by MAF:

Cadastral survey maps of the site showing legal boundaries

Conceptual schematic diagram of the new extension layout


The scope of works by deliverables is to be monitored by UNDP ARR GPRU and the CPRDESS Project Coordinator with the technical assistance of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to ensure effective implementation of activities.

The consultancy is for an individual (architect) only. If the consultant is currently employed, the consultant can sign a reimbursable loan agreement (RLA) with his/her current employer to undertake this consultancy.


The full scope of works for this assignment is to be completed in 21 working days, due before the end of August 2021.


The successful candidate will conduct their assessment on site as well as being stationed at their office headquarters.

The successful candidate will be stationed at their headquarters and will be on-site at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries headquarters as stated in the deliverables.


Corporate Competencies:

Demonstrates integrity by modelling the UN’s values and ethical standards;
Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of UNDP;
Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability

Core Competencies:

Demonstrate corporate knowledge and sound judgment;
Demonstrate and safeguard ethics and highest standards of integrity, discretion and loyalty.
Act as a team player while also taking individual initiative to complete outlined tasks;
Sharing knowledge - across the action in particular and the organization in general -through supporting the building of a culture of knowledge sharing and learning;
Communication - Facilitate and encourage open communication and strive for effective communication.
Planning & Organizing – Develops clear goals in line with agreed strategies, identifies priorities, foresees risks and makes allowances accordingly.
Organizational Awareness - Demonstrate corporate knowledge and sound judgment.
Teamwork - Demonstrate ability to work in a multicultural, multi-ethnic environment and to maintain effective working relations with people of different national and cultural backgrounds.
Accountability – Takes ownership of all responsibilities and delivers outputs in accordance with agreed standards.

Functional Competencies:

Excellent communication skills (written, spoken, composing, presentation) and ability to share expertise for capacity building;
Has deep knowledge of health and safety country laws and regulations;
Political and cultural sensitivity and commitment to UNDP’s development objectives in the country;
In-depth practical knowledge of inter-disciplinary development issues;
Seeks and applies knowledge, information, and best practices;
Ability to manage competing demands and meet deadlines;
Proven networking, teambuilding, organizational and communication skills.

Required Skills and Experience

The applicants will be evaluated based on the following methodology;

Cumulative Analysis

The award of the contract shall be made to the individual consultant whose offer has been evaluated and determined as;

Responsive/ Compliant/ Acceptable, and,
Having received the highest score out of the pre-determined set of weighted technical and financial criteria specific to the solicitation.



Only candidates obtaining a minimum of 70% of the total technical points (from total marks below) will be considered for the Financial Evaluation. Interviews may be conducted as part of the technical assessment for shortlisted proposals.

TECHNICAL CRITERIA WEIGHT – (70% derived from below)

Technical Approach, Methodology, and Workplan (30 marks)
This explains the understanding of the objectives of the assignment, approach to the services, methodology for carrying out of the activities, and obtaining the expected output. The Applicant should also provide a workplan broken down by deliverable.
The candidate is required to propose the breakdown of cost by deliverables (section D). This will include a breakdown of the total project costs.
Qualification and Experience (80 marks) – Evaluation of CVs
Tertiary Qualification in Engineering and/or Architecture. A Masters qualification in Engineering and/or Architecture is desirable (20 marks);
5 -10 years’ experience in Architectural Design Services, Engineering and/or Construction Works (20 marks);
5-10 years’ experience in Project Management (5 marks);
Experience in designing and construction of hatcheries desirable (5 marks);
Thorough knowledge of Samoan building regulations and legislation (5 marks);
Valid Samoa Business License (submit employer business license or own if individual) 5 marks;
Excellent communication skills and ability to sustain professional relationships with other stakeholders (5 marks);
Proven ability to work under pressure and strict timelines (5 marks);
Ability to handle effectively multiple tasks without compromising quality, team spirit and positive working relationships with all stakeholders (5 marks);
Fluency in Samoan and English language (5 marks).