Public Enterprise National Broadcasting - North Macedonia

Public Enterprise National Broadcasting - North Macedonia

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Office: North Macedonia
Address: Blvd. Goce Delchev No.18, Skopje
Contact person: Vjosa Nesimi
Phone: 0038923297100
Sectors: Electrical Engineering, Industry, Commer ... See more Electrical Engineering, Industry, Commerce & Services, Information & Communication Technology, Monitoring & Evaluation, Science & Innovation, Telecommunications
Nr. of employees: 51-200
Types: Government Body Government Body
Status: Active


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PE NB is a public broadcasting operator on the territory of the Republic of Northern Macedonia. 

PE NB performs activities of public interest in the field of electronic communications such as:

  • Development, design, construction, maintenance and use of public electronic communications networks and means and provision of public electronic communication services.
  • Providing transmission, broadcasting and distribution of radio and television programmes and other information content intended for general reception in free space and through cable, radio and television network on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia.
  • Transmission and broadcasting of the programme service intended for the activities of the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia on the entire territory of the Republic of North Macedonia.
  • Providing, broadcasting special information programmes, preserving the cultural and historical traditions and maintaining and promoting the relations with the expatriates and other citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia living in the neighbouring countries, Europe and other continents.
  • Providing radio and television connections to the broadcasting systems of other countries in the world in accordance with the international agreements concluded, that is acceded by the Republic of North Macedonia.
  • Control and measurement of the quality and coverage of the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia with radio and television signals broadcast by the Macedonian Radio Television, as well as control and measurement of interference from other broadcasting stations.

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