Jules Cheryl Umm

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Last update: Jul 14, 2022 Last update: 14 Jul, 2022


Citizenship: Cameroon
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Highest Degree: Masters
Years of Experience: 7 years
Sectors of experience: Mapping & Cadastre, Information & Communication Technology Mapping & Cadastre, Information & Communication Technology
Gender: Male
Address: Rue Charles Bindzi, Yaoundé 253 rue Charles Bindzi, Yaoundé
Phone: +237651119339
Cellphone: +237696268655
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I am a professional in geospatial sciences gratuated in 2016 in the university of Yaoundé 1 Cameroon. I specialize in tools and techniques for the creation, storage, processing and restitution of geographic information in various forms. Beyond a way to earn a living, the profession of geospatial data manager is a real passion for me, and I have been living this passion for more than 6 years. I hope to take my skills and experience to ever higher levels in my country and internationally and expand my fields of expertise.